The Millie Micro Nano Pico series

Millie micro nano pico is a series of witty educational stories about the subatomic world that introduce a few basic concepts of quantum physics. The magic words "Millie micro nano pico" are used by Millie, the pussycat, to become small enough to play with elementary particles such as electrons, pho...

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Book 1

In Book 1 in which Millie meets two electrons and her adventures begin, children get to know Millie and learn in a simple and playful way about electrons: the intrinsic nature of their spin, and their wave-particle duality. Children love this book. Here are some of their comments: I like Mil...…
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Book 2

Book 2 in which a scarecrow gives Millie a brilliant idea about magnets is a humorous introduction to magnetism based on the orientation of electron spins. In this adventure, Millie wants to know what it is like to be an electron; she learns about magnetic fields, attractive and repulsive forces, a...…
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Book 3

Book 3 in which Millie meets some photons at the playground is a playful description of the interaction between electrons and photons. At first, Millie is confused by the game that the particles play, but after learning about energy levels, quantisation and in particular the law of conservation of...…
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Book 4

Book 4 in which Millie has fun in a sea of electrons is an introduction to electricity. It starts with Millie discovering that her little friends are called electrons because they carry an electric charge. At first she is scared of anything electric, but she ends up having an exciting adventure. Sh...…
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Book 5

Book 5 in which Millie wishes she were more attractive and wonders about quarks is about electric charge and in particular the elementary charged particles called quarks. The protons and neutrons inside the atomic nucleus are made of quarks. Millie wants to know how to tell the difference between...…
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